Michaël Samyn (1968, Belgium) & Auriea Harvey (1971, USA) met online in 1999 and collaborated for several years as Entropy8Zuper! creating sensuous, personal and political web-based art works like “Skinonskinonskin” (1999) and “The Godlove Museum” (1999-2006) and “Wirefire” (1999-2003) and designing web sites for various clients.

In 2002 they founded independent development studio Tale of Tales with the purpose of exploring the artistic potential of videogames. Between 2002 and 2015, Harvey and Samyn released 8 videogames: “The Endless Forest” (2005), “The Graveyard” (2008), “The Path” (2009), “Fatale” (2009), “Vanitas” (2010), “Bientôt l'été” (2012), “Luxuria Superbia” (2013) and “Sunset” (2015). All unique explorations of the potential of the medium used by videogames, often winning awards for originality while being attacked for non-conformism. They called for videogames to become a more open medium with The Realtime Art Manifesto (2006) and co-curated the alternative videogame expo Notgames Fest in Cologne (2011, 2013, 2015).

The couple have now stopped producing commercial titles to focus on artistic uses of computer technology.

They live and work in Rome, Italy.

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